Call of Duty v1.20 AVA Update (2)

A new AVA Update for Call of Duty has been released to address the interfaced mismatch experienced by many users. The download is available onn top of this page.

If you intend on playing Call of Duty demos then this is a required update.

Seismovision v2.25 Released

Version 2.25 of Seismovision is now available for download. Post all your questions and comments in <a href="">the forums</a>. What's new in this release:<BR>

<li>fixed: Some Quake World demos not playing (thanx to ]DoH[QuakE)
<li>fixed: Some Unreal Tournament and Tactial Ops demos not playing.
<li>fixed: Call of Duty demo controls being locked by game (Cheat protected).
<li>added: Loop feature for Unreal Tournament 2003 (thanx to Michael '_Lynx'
Sokolkov for the hint)
<li>added: Config restriction method B now also keeps file attributes during
<li>added: Protocol 43 for Quake 3 Arena (v1.11), demo controls do not work
for this demo type.
<li>added: Movie config for Call of Duty.
<li>added: Call of Duty v1.20 (dm_2) support.
<li>note: Call of Duty v1.20 AVA Update released.</li>


I'm away from the 8 – 12 December 2003 and I wont be answering e-mails or forum posts during this time. I will answer themm when I'm back =]

Call of Duty

Many have reported that the fast forward function in Call of Duty is not funtioning with Seismovision. Here is the fix. Into the Additional Command Line Parameters box in the games option in Seismovision enter the following '+sv_cheats 1'. Have fun!

Seismovision v2.24 Released!

Seismovision v2.24 comes with 2 great new games! Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy and Call of Duty. A must to update! =D

fixed: Quake 2 demos not playing in play list mode due to overlong alias. (Thanx to MikeG)
fixed: Rare random deletion of game application after demo play.
added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v1.02 (*.dm_83) demo support.
added: Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (dm_25 and dm_26) demo support.
added: Call of Duty (dm_1) demo support
note: Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy v1.01 AVA update released
note: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v1.02 AVA update released

Raven Shield

I wanted to add Rainbox Six 3: Raven Shield the other day because I was asked to add it. But there is a problem with the game, it does not correctly support demos. All the commands are there and you can actually record a demo, but you cannot play it. I send a complaint to ubi soft (the creators of the game). Just a small extract "…I dont think the rvs developers meant for you to "record demos"…". They gave me a link to which is the home page of a program that Captures Video In Real-Time. Not what I exactly wanted but it maybe an alternative. Please note that that program is *SHAREWARE*.

In other news, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (dm_25) is comming to Seismovision soon.

Happy Birthday Seismo!

Seismovision was released for the first time on the 25 October 2001. Two years have passed =D

Some e-mails lost

If anyone had sent me an e-mail between the 13 and 15 October 2003, please send it again as I lost my e-mails for these two days due to an Outlook Express crash. =(

Strange Bug

There seems to be a bug in Seismovion that rarely removes the game application, leaving only the back-up. I put out Seismovision v2.24 b0 to try counter this. Please tell me if it still sometimes happens to you after installing this BETA version. Mail: [email protected]

Seismovision v2.23 Released

This is just a bug-fix release, if you are not having any problems then there is no need for you to update. Check below if it applies to you.

added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (.dm_82) Full Version
fixed: Missing comctl32.ocx with DemoInfo
fixed: Splash screen icons not loading correctly when playing play lists directly.
added: Bulgarian translation (now 9 languages!!!)

This may be the Final Seismovision v2.xx version if no more bugs are found. Seismovision v3.xx BETA testing starts soon. Be sure to check the BETA section for more information.

Please note that I will dump my e-mail [email protected] and [email protected] There is just too much spam. The seismo e-mail has got a nice spam filter. =]

PS> Happy b-day to point3ggs =D