You are advised to read this document thoroughly before registering.

Use it for free forever:
Username: Everfree
Key: 5017-8270-2724-2

Why register Seismovision 3?

To support this great demo tool. All funds will be used for the development of Seismovision, such as buying games and paying for the internet, hosting, etc..

Do I have to register to use this tool?

No. You can still use this demo tool but there will be some limitations. The Update System is not available to you and the play list entry count is greatly lowered. There maybe other limitations not mentioned here.

What are the benefits of registering?

Access to special features such as the update system and screen saver; and removal of limitations. Plus the privilege of getting the updates first.

  • Free Version Limitations
    • No access to Update System
    • No Screen Saver
    • Demo count in play lists is limited to three (3) demos
    • Small delay in start up
    • Nag screen during normal start up (non-demo play)

What is the price?

USD 8.95 (United States Dollars).

How much is that in my currency?

This web site gives you an approximate currency conversion. Enter 8.95 on the left, next select United States Dollars – USD and then select your currency. This conversion is by no means accurate.

How will I receive my registration code?

You will receive your registration details via mail. You will receive your key within 24 hours, but can also be as fast as 5 minutes.

I have registered now but not received my key? What is this?

It can happen that e-mails get lost in spam filters, please contact Kevin Gardthausen at [email protected] and ask for a resend. Supply your full name and write from the e-mail address you used at registration. There has been a case where this had happened. Registration keys are only send after payment has completed successfully.

I have received my code now, but how do I enter it into Seismovision 3?

Open Seismovision 3. If already open, close and open it again. After a few seconds the registration form will appear and this is where you enter your registration code. Enter the RegUser (including the part in brackets after your name) into the name field and the RegKey into the key field. When fully and correctly entered you will see a message box confirming your key. Please note that the registration name is case-sensitive. If you got any problems, do not hesitate to e-mail [email protected], also supply your name that you used at registration.

I have lost my key? Can I get it back?

Yes. Supply me with your details and write from the e-mail address you have registered with so I can confirm your identity. Do not abuse this service, I may refuse.

Someone asked me for my key. Must I give it to them?

No. No one will ever ask for your key. Not even I will. Only the original Seismovision software will request your key for validation. Do not give it to anybody else.

Does it matter where I live to register?

No, not all. Anyone anywhere can register. We so far we have registrants from 13 x Australia (AU), 1 x Belgium (BE), 14 x Canada (CA), 2 x Denmark (DK), 6 x France (FR), 31 x Germany (DE), 2 x Ireland (IE), 1 x Italy (IT), 1 x Japan (JP), 1 x Malaysia (MY), 1 x Malta (MT), 1 x Mexico (MX), 7 x Netherlands (NL), 1 x Norway (NO), 1 x Poland (PL), 5 x Russian Federation (RU), 1 x South Africa (ZA), 4 x Spain (ES), 5 x Sweden (SE), 2 x Switzerland (CH), 40 x United Kingdom (GB), 143 x United States (US). 283 registrations in total. Last Update: 27 July 2008.

Where can I get Seismovision 3?

You can download it right here. Seismovision 3 comes in 2 flavors, FULL and LITE. FULL as the name already says is a complete package with no extra downloads. The LITE version offers only basics, meaning that some older demo types can only be played with a so called AVA Update that can be downloaded separately. This is required to ‘downgrade’ your game to the version required for demo playback.

Click here to go the download section.

Is the registration secure?

Yes. The connection to the registration server of PayPal use a SSL 128bit encryption. Also make sure that your computer is safe! Have at least an Anti-Virus installed. Get AVG Free at

How can I see that I am registered?

Open Seismovision and click on About in the main menu. At the bottom of the about form you will find some detail on whether you are registered or not.

I previously used an illegally obtained serial, keygen or hack to use Seismovision 3 but I came clean and bought a copy. How can I now enter my legit key?

Simply drop me a mail. Send it from the e-mail address you used at registration. Only contact me after you have registered!

What payment options are there?

You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), PayPal, GiroPay, Bank and eCheck. Availability of payments options depends on the country of registration. When paying with eCheck, it may take up to 4 business days for it to clear, you will receive your key only after clearance. Bank transfer is available if you live in Germany, Namibia or South-Africa.

If I have a question, may I mail you even when I am not registered?

Yes of course. I will answer any question related to Seismovision for all mails that I receive whether you are registered or not. Support is free for all.

I do not have a credit card/PayPal, can I still register somehow?

If you live in one of the following regions: Namibia, South-Africa or Germany. Contact me for details.

Where can I register?

You can register at PayPal. Click on the link below to take you to the purchase forms. Please read the instructions carefully. There will be no refunds.

It is recommended that you download and install Seismovision 3 first before registration to make sure it fits your needs and works on your system.

Please be advised that Seismovision is no longer in development or maintained!

Use it for free forever:
Username: Everfree
Key: 5017-8270-2724-2