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Version History

10 October 2001 – 20 December 2007

v3.02 – 20 December 2007

  • Major
  • added: Half-Life 1 (Steam) (dem) demo support.
  • added: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (dm_1) demo support. Demo controls are not available until Keypad 4 has been pressed (this loads another map and then reloads the demo).
  • added: Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (ndm (v1.00, v1.10 and v1.20)) demo support.
  • fixed: ‘Error 58’ occurs when trying to play Call of Duty 2 demos.
  • fixed: Play list generation problems when running Seismovision 3 in free mode.
  • Minor
  • fixed: Typo where ‘demo v1.41’ should be ‘demo v1.41’ on main screen

v3.01 – 20 August 2007

  • Major
  • added: Warsow (wd7, wd8 and wd9) demo support. Also added play list support and extended demo controls.
  • added: Tremulous (dm_69) demo support.
  • added: Day of Defeat: Source (Steam) (dem), Half-Life Deathmatch: Source (Steam) (dem) and Opposing Force (Steam) (dem) demo support.
  • added: Quake 4 v1.42 AVA for .netdemo (v1.04, v1.10, v1.20, v1.30, v1.41 and v1.42) and .demo (v1.04, v1.10, v1.20, v1.30, v1.41) and ndmo85 (v1.42)
  • added: Quake 4 key input to make demo play back of demos prior v1.42 possible.
  • added: Quake 4 demo scanner for identifying files required for demo play (right-click on demo to access)
  • added: Smart mod detection for multiple versioned installations for .netdemo’s (Check Seismovision’s Quake 4 documentation)
  • added: Simplified-Chinese language (Thanks to Si ‘FiO’ Wei)
  • added: Spanish translation. Thank you to Alexhk23.
  • added: Call of Duty 2 iwd scanner to easily manage non-standard .iwd that may cause demo playback malfunctions. Automatically saves selections.
  • fixed: Enemy Territory demos not playing in a play list.
  • fixed: America’s Army demos not playing at all.
  • fixed: Playback options not saving correctly.
  • fixed: Miss detection on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault demos.
  • fixed: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory play lists not working and also fixed screen saver
  • Minor
  • fixed: Small fixes related to displaying updates
  • fixed: The last version state not being shown on the main menu when Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast was enabled.
  • tweak: Reduced nag time from free version window
  • tweak: Seismovision can now detect when a Steam game is shutting down and cleans up automatically.

v3.00 – 08 March 2006

  • Major
  • added: America’s Army ‘.dem’ support. Play lists are supported. No demo controls. Demos play in an infinite loop.
  • added: Steam games: Counter-Strike, Deathmatch Classic, Day of Defeat, Ricochet and Condition Zero. All Steam games now support play lists and config protection.
  • added: Quake 4 ‘.demo’ and ‘.netdemo’ support with automatic mod detection for ‘.netdemo’s
  • added: Call of Duty 2 (.dm_1) support
  • added: Call of Duty: United Offensive v1.51 ‘.dm_2’ (v1.41) and ‘.dm_3’ (v1.51) demo support.
  • added: Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast ‘.dm_15’ (v1.02a) demo support.
  • added: Quake 3 Arena SDC ‘.sd3’ support and ability to use dm_48 through dm_68 with Q3SDC.
  • added: Doom 3 ‘.demo’ support
  • added: Star Trek Elite Force 2 ‘.dm3’ support.
  • added: Soldier of Fortune 1 ‘.dm2’ support.
  • added: Complete new interface with which every demo type can be configured independently
  • added: Multi-user support (Windows login). Every user has its own configuration file based on the user name. Stored in ‘\User Settings’ of Seismovision 3.
  • added: Lots of guides and tutorials to the Seismovision 3 documentation.
  • Minor
  • added: Compression option for Quake 4 demo (right-click on demo).
  • added: HTTP Proxy support for the Update System.
  • added: Smart search for every game.
  • added: New play list playback options 1) Loop play list forever 2) Loop play list once and quit 3) Loop play list once and drop to menu for most games.
  • added: New single demo playback options 1) Play demo and quit 2) Loop single demo 3) Play demo and drop to menu 4) Benchmark mode for most games
  • change: Play list creation now use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for communication with other Seismovision instances and Windows Explorer thus making play list creation faster (also supports Drag ‘n Drop)
  • change: Seismovision installer upgraded from NSIS v1.98 to NSIS v2.15 (Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System) with multi-lingual support (
  • change: The language system totally reworked. Making translations easier.
  • added: Windows XP Visual Style for Windows XP users using visual styles.
  • removed: Advanced options screen, now integrated under the main options menu.
  • change: User interface requires now a minimum resolution of 800×600
  • added: Seismovision no longer has to be closed during updates. For AVA and other ‘non-self’ updates it will just refresh. With self-updates it will restart.
  • change: Manual version change buttons moved into a pop-up menu which can be accessed by right-clicking on a game in the main menu.
  • added: Tip of the day at every start up giving you useful hints in using Seismovision, except when playing demos. This features is on by default but can be disabled via the the General Options menu or by using the check box when a tip is displayed.
  • added: Demo playing stats. Amount of demos played and time wasted.
  • change: Half-Life and Counter-Strike Retail now also support the playing of play lists.
  • change: Logging is now more intensive and the last 25 sessions are saved into the logs directory. Logging is on by default but can be turned off via the general options menu. No personal information is collected in the logs and do not take up much space.
  • change: Seismovision 3 – Update System to v2.00. Now automatically selects recommended critical updates. Cleaned up download screen.
  • added: Unreal Tournament 2003 now has some graphic configurations files to choose from.
  • change: Unreal Tournament now uses the same start up mechanism as Unreal Tournament 2003.
  • added: Auto-Away for mIRC when watching a demo using DDE (inspired by Ph4ntom|demo :D) Options under General Options. Read the documentation for more information of usage.
  • change: From freeware to shareware. Visit for more information. (This tool can also be used without registration but some features may be inaccessible to you.)

v2.28 – 8 June 2005 FINAL

  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory v2.60 (.dm_84) support
  • fixed: A rare occasion where Seismovision might stay in memory and consume CPU after watching a demo.

v2.27 – 13 February 2005

  • added: Call of Duty v1.50 (.dm_2) support (based on CoD v1.50 AVA Update (2))
  • added: Unreal Tournament 2004 (.demo4) support
  • fixed: Call of Duty configs (demo controls now work correctly)
  • note: This might be the final version of Seismovision2, Seismovision3 is coming soon!

v2.26 – 28 April 2004

  • change: Using new installer version for better compression using LZMA for half size.
  • added: Call of Duty v1.40 (dm_2) support
  • fixed: A bug that would prevent the restore of PK3 files after watching a demo, Call of Duty (dm_1) (with v1.40 only) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein (dm_57) demos where affected.
  • fixed: typo on main screen ‘v2.24’ in v2.25. =]
  • note: Call of Duty v1.40 AVA Update released.

v2.25 – 1 February 2004

  • fixed: Some Quake World demos not playing (thanx to ]DoH[QuakE)
  • fixed: Some Unreal Tournament and Tactial Ops demos not playing.
  • fixed: Call of Duty demo controls being locked by game (Cheat protected).
  • added: Loop feature for Unreal Tournament 2003 (thanx to Michael ‘_Lynx’ Sokolkov for the hint)
  • added: Config restriction method B now also keeps file attributes during back-up.
  • added: Protocol 43 for Quake 3 Arena (v1.11), demo controls do not work for this demo type.
  • added: Movie config for Call of Duty.
  • added: Call of Duty v1.20 (dm_2) support.
  • note: Call of Duty v1.20 AVA Update released.

v2.24 – 16 November 2003

  • fixed: Quake 2 demos not playing in play list mode due to overlong alias. (Thanx to MikeG)
  • fixed: Rare random deletion of game application after demo play.
  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v1.02 (*.dm_83) demo support.
  • added: Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy (dm_25) demo support.
  • added: Call of Duty (dm_1) demo support

v2.23 – 12 September 2003

  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (.dm_82) Full Version
  • fixed: Missing comctl32.ocx with DemoInfo
  • fixed: Splash screen icons not loading correctly when playing play lists directly.
  • added: Bulgarian translation (now 9 languages!!!)

v2.22a  – 11 June 2003

  • fixed: Installation problems with the LIGHT and FULL version.

v2.22  – 9 June 2003

  • fixed: Faulty copying of demos on non-english systems causing errors like ‘ERROR: CL_ParseGamestate: bad command byte’. The demo copy function now uses a byte array rather than a string buffer.
  • fixed: Pan left/right buttons in Soldier of Fortune 2 configs.
  • added: Tactical Ops Retail (thanx to MadOnion and [AZG]Draven) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Test (.dm_71)
  • added: Drag and Drop support fro play list editor.
  • change: New server address for Seismovision Update System. Thanx to RogeR from for the IP.
  • change: Demo Info v1.00!! Fully supports Quake 3 Arena (dm3, dm_48, dm_66, dm_67, dm_68) and can partially display information for Soldier of Fortune (dm_2003, dm_2004), Jedi Knight 2 (dm_15, dm_16), Return to Castle Wolfenstein (dm_57, dm_58, dm_59) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory MP Test (dm_71). Demo Info will also have the ability to create a detailed log of a demo. Very special thanx to Andrey ‘[SkulleR]’ Nazarov for making this possible! =D

v2.21  – 31 March 2003

  • fixed: Demos not playing on Counter-Strike Retail

  • updated: Seismovision – Update System v1.10

  • added: The Update System now states when it cannot reach the server.

  • added: Size in megabytes is now displayed in the Update System when selecting downloads.

  • fixed: A nasty bug that made the playing if demo impossible on certain systems

  • added: Greek (thanx got greepLayer) and Spanish (thanx to [mostoles*arena]memphis) translation of Seismovision, now 8 languages!!!

v2.20  – 31 January 2003

  • added: Polish translation of seis.chm by Piotr ‘PiT’ Trochimczyk (great work!)

  • added: “Add to play list” right-click options for demos to add to play list or create a new play list if Seismovision is not open at the time 

  • added: Quake 3 Arena v1.32 (*.dm_68) demo support

  • added: Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03 (*.dm_2004) support

  • added: Unreal Tournament 2003 (*.dem) support

  • added: Context Menu Shell Extensions (in other words, a fancy right click menu) making it possible to select mods and configs without opening Seismovision

  • added: Play list Editor to main menu

  • added: OSP democast support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (read ‘Democast’ under ‘Notes’ for more information)

  • added: CPMA democast support for Quake 3 Arena (read ‘Democast’ under ‘Notes’ for more information)

  • added: Version selection window for Soldier of Fortune 2 *.dm_2004 demos

  • added: “Execute Play list” to the demo play lists (*.dpl)

  • added: Game registration selection on install and under ‘Advanced Options’. Now you can select the games you want to use with Seismovision (w00t)

  • added: OomJan’s Movie Config (read ‘OomJan’s Movie Config’ under ‘Notes’ for controls)

  • added: Right-Click popup menu to play list

  • change: DemoInfo now v0.90 with more player information

  • change: Timescale controls enhanced with more steps (left arrow decelerates, right arrow acelerates, up arrow normal speed, down arrow pauses)

  • tweak: Increased basic start-up speed for better play list creation

  • fixed: Solved sound problems in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein configs (thanx to FonFon)

  • fixed: Counter-Strike Retail demo play bug (Kevin Guilfoy)

  • fixed: Play list can now be bigger without getting a Cbuf_InsertText overflow, play list is split into multiple files

  • fixed: seis.chm (broken links and spelling mistakes) and F1 feature finally fixed

  • fixed: Some translation errors in Brazilian-Portuguese

  • fixed: Mods not showing up on PC’s with an NTFS file system (thanx to Eric ‘ss-elixir’ Resurreccion)

  • fixed: Jedi Knight 2 AVA problem (where Seismovision was unable to go back to v1.04)

  • fixed: Wizard from popping up on some non-English operating systems on every start-up (thanx to Kolja Richlowski)

  • note: Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 v1.04 AVA (2) update released

  • note: Quake 3 Arena v1.32 AVA update released

  • note: Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03 AVA update released

  • note: Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.40 AVA update released

v2.11 BETA – 29 October 2002

  • Public BETA version. Changes combined with v2.20.

v2.10 – 7 September 2002

  • added: Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 (*.dm_15 and *.dm_16) demo support

  • added: Quake World (*.qwd) demo support

  • added: Soldier of Fortune 2 (*.dm_2003) demo support

  • fix: Fixed a bug that caused the mod option of Return to Castle Wolfenstein not to be saved correctly

  • fix: Fixed version detection method bug which caused a version not to display

  • added: Polish (thanks to Piotr ‘PiT’ Trochimczyk) and Brazilian-Portuguese (thanks forg3 and Nial) translation, 6 languages now supported

  • fix: The Update System has now been completely translated and fixed an error in the Italian translation

  • change: DemoInfo can now be programmed to scan for strings (DemoInfo v0.89)

  • changed: The help file for Seismovision has been changed into a HTML Help file (chm)

  • added: Games can now be added dynamically and game functions can now be programmed (more information under the ‘Notes’ section under ‘Adding Games Dynamically”)

  • added: Seismovision Update System now displays update icons when selecting updates 😀

  • added: Better game protection against computer crashes (the game version is restored when playing another demo after the crash)

  • change: After a demo has been played, Seismovision does no change to the latest game version but to the version of the game before the demo was played

  • fixed: Many small bugs as usual

  • fixed: Mod selection now scans better for mods

  • note: Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.33 AVA update released

  • note: Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 v1.04 AVA update released

v2.01 – 20 March 2002

  • changed: Mod selection combo now list all directories in which a mod could be by searching for *.pk3 files and when no mod is selected, the checkbox ‘Load this mod every time when watching a demo’ gets disabled

  • changed: AVA support system now supports Return to Castle Wolfenstein correctly by combining AVA Type 1 and Type 2 (AVA Engine now v1.02)

  • added: The Update-System now tells you when there are no updates available and quits

  • added: Added a select all button to Seismovision Wizard to select all games instantly

  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (*.dm_58) demo support (AVA update available)

  • change: The Wizard now does not display the mod page anymore when no mod is found

  • change: Half-Life timescale (demo playback speed) is no longer clamped when typing, when saving the timescale gets corrected if not within scale

  • fix: Some Translation related faults fixed

  • fix: Fixed Quake 2 cleanup system that was not working at all

v2.00 – 15 March 2002

  • added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (*.dm_57) demo support

  • change: Changed installer system from InstallShield to Nullsoft Installer v1.96 and decreased installer size by 1,2mb

  • added: AVA support for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (optional) and Half-Life (Counter-Strike) (optional)

  • added: External application load on demo play

  • added: Update System, lets you check for updates and download them simply and easily

  • added: DemoInfo for Quake 3 Arena (*.dm3 and .dm_48 only), Half-Life and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (.efdemo) (BETA v0.20)

  • added: Colors for game status

  • added: Every game now has support for additional command line parameters

  • added: Ability to select from many configs and to edit them instantly

  • removed: Afrikaans translation removed due to lack of input from other users

  • added: Italian (thanx to Giorgio ‘Prelogio’ Prelati) and French (thanx to [=CC=]Thrax) translation, 4 languages are now supported

  • added: Config restriction methods (read-only (A) and back-up (B) method)

  • tweaked: Mod selection for Quake 3 Arena and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force made simpler

  • added: dm3 right-click conversion to dm_48 added (Thanx to Alan ‘Strider’ Kivlin for Q3DC)

  • added: The ability to select how dm3 demos are played (without mod or converted to dm_48 with Q3DC)

  • added: Setup Wizard added for first time run which allows you to configure your games with ease.

  • added: Timescale support added for Half-Life (Counter-Strike) and the ability to prompt for it before playing a demo

  • tweaked: More demo controls added to most games

  • fix: Minor bugs when using WindowsXP

  • fix: Millions of small updates that I cannot possibly all mention (Seismovision 2 is a total work over of the previous version)

v1.2.0 – 1 January 2002

  • fix: Missing demo control bindings for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (lol).

  • added: Quake 1 (*.dem), Quake 2 (*.dm2) and Unreal Tournament (*.dem) demo support.

  • tweak: More demo controls for Quake 3 Arena and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (more info in section 2 of this readme).

  • fix: If ‘Quake3.exe’ or ‘pak*.pk3’ have a read-only properties, the property is ignored.

  • change: Remade images in Seismovision to better quality, slightly increased file size.

  • added: Quake 3 Arena Protocol 67 support (v1.31)

  • fix: Fixed Uninstallation problem of RegUpd.exe

  • fix: Seismovision now continues when a demo is 0 bytes in size and does not give an error message anymore.

v1.1.0 – 10 December 2001

  • added: Half-Life and Counter-Strike Retail (*.dem) and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (*.efdem) demo support.

  • change: If a minimum install is detected, the CD-Rom(s) are automatically searched for the Quake 3 Arena CD.

  • tweak: Image quality of pictures in Seismovision were reduced to 75% from 90%. Seismovision now takes less space in memory and has a reduced file size.

  • tweak: The program does not have to be restarted for language setting to take effect.

  • tweak: When checking the checkbox in the options menu for default loading mod, now does not erase the mod name anymore and can be reactivated at any time without reselecting the mod again.

  • fix: Extensive readme.txt optimization and clarification (yeah).

  • fix: Missing ‘demos’ directory fixed, a directory is automatically created if it does not exist (Error 76). (Thanx to Stefan Ermel)

  • added: Function to remove file association without uninstalling and reinitialize registry settings without reinstalling (in Advanced Options).

  • tweak: Demo controls enhanced and more functions added. Check in section 2 for more details on demo controls.

  • added: Nice help files which can be accessed by pressing F1.

  • added: Progress indicator for loading demos.

  • fix: Lots of minor bugs not mentioned.

v1.0.0 – 25 October 2001

  • First Public Release