Seismovision v2.27 released

New and probably final version.

– added: Call of Duty v1.50 (.dm_2) demo support (uses CoD v1.50 AVA Update (2))
– fixed: Various Call of Duty problems.
– added: Unreal Tournament 2004 (.demo4) support.
– note: This might be the final version! Seismovision 3 is comming.

Seismovision v3.00 BETA Available now!

The long awaited Seismovision 3 BETA is now available, supporting only a limited set of games. Please report any problems/comment to Seismovision and explain what you did and what system you have. Seismovision 3 is shareware.

Web layout changed a bit, hope its better. =]

Call of Duty v1.50 AVA Update

Call of Duty v1.50 AVA Update

Finally its here! Also includes updated configs for those that had problems with it. Enjoy!

Seismovision 3 BETA comming soon with Doom 3 and Star Trek Elite Force 2 support!

I’m back!

Sorry for not updating Seismovision for such a long time. I just started the Call of Duty v1.5 patch download and should have a running AVA Update ready by next week. Seismovision 3 will hit next week or so for the public BETA stage. I hope for lots of feedback.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournamdent 2004 (.demo4) support added. Find an update in the BETA section of this site (Seismovision v2.27 BETA 1). Some problems with certain games still exist. I hope to have it fixed soon.

Call of Duty Problems

I'm aware of some problems with Call of Duty with the new Seismovision v2.26.

1. Demo controls not working – will be fixed in next update or mini-update
2. Problems joining servers/expected interface mismatch – I'm not sure about this problems as I don't have it, anyone who is experincing this kind of problem should e-mail me about it ([email protected]). For the time being, I recommend not using Call of Duty until this problem is resolved. For those that have a 'broken' game now should check their 'main' directory of Call of Duty for .bak files and rename them to .pk3 files.

There seems to be great demand for Unreal Tournament 2004. I would like to add it but I don't have the game yet. Anyone interested of sending me a copy is welcome to do so, please note – I'm in Africa, Namibia. E-mail me for details. =]

Seismovision v2.26 is here

Here is the all new Seismovision v2.26 with the latest Call of Duty v1.40 AVA Update. A required update for Call of

Duty fans. Here's what has changed:

change: Using new installer version for better compression using LZMA for half size.
added: Call of Duty v1.40 (dm_2) support
fixed: A bug that would prevent the restore of PK3 files after watching a demo, Call of Duty (dm_1) (with v1.40 only)

and Return to Castle Wolfenstein (dm_57) demos where affected.
fixed: typo on main screen 'v2.24' in v2.25. =]
note: Call of Duty v1.40 AVA Update released.

Call of Duty v1.40 soon

Seismovision v2.26 and Call of Duty v1.40 support will be due soon. I found a small bug in the code that would prevent v1.40 demo from playing so I will release Seismovision v2.26 at the same time as it will be required for Call of Duty v1.40. Some more tests and the release could be ready by tomorrow.

CoD v1.30 AVA Update

The Call of Duty v1.30 AVA Update is here! Get it from the download section!

Call of Duty v1.20 AVA Update (3)

If you have played demo using Seismovision 2 on Call of Duty, please read this. This update fixes problems with the game crashing and beign unable to connect to pure servers. Install this update and do the following, go to the 'main' of your Call of Duty directory and delete the file called 'cgame_mp_x86.dll'. Now open Seismovision and manually convert your game to v1.20 by selecting 'Call of Duty' as your game and then 'v1.20_'. Click convert and your set. Now you can play on those pure servers again. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but this is the first game in Seismovision that modifies its own DLLs while changing versions.