Call of Duty Problems

I'm aware of some problems with Call of Duty with the new Seismovision v2.26.

1. Demo controls not working – will be fixed in next update or mini-update
2. Problems joining servers/expected interface mismatch – I'm not sure about this problems as I don't have it, anyone who is experincing this kind of problem should e-mail me about it ([email protected]). For the time being, I recommend not using Call of Duty until this problem is resolved. For those that have a 'broken' game now should check their 'main' directory of Call of Duty for .bak files and rename them to .pk3 files.

There seems to be great demand for Unreal Tournament 2004. I would like to add it but I don't have the game yet. Anyone interested of sending me a copy is welcome to do so, please note – I'm in Africa, Namibia. E-mail me for details. =]