Seismovision v2.11 BETA released. Use BETA at own risk! Due to the high demand at the moment I just had to do something to fix the NTFS problem. Well, here it is. =P

SoF2 v2.02 AVA Update (Soldier of Fortune) released aswell!!

Seismovision is now 1 year old!

On the 25 October 2001 Seismovision v1.00 was first released. My very first server (free) was at geocities.com. Demand for the program was so "large" that geocities.com closed my site. My next server was [url]www.challenge-tv.com[/url] and [url]www.donbernd.de[/url]. Shorty afterwards I got the nice web-host at [url]www.planetquake3.net[/url] and stayed there ever since.

I would first of all like to thank RogeR for giving me this incredible web-site and having alot of patience with me =). A thank you also goes to the BETA testers for giving me hell when something was not working and also all translaters that dedicated 2 hours of their lives into translating Seismovision. I big thanks to my clan mates .exe, bliXim and Black Eagle for their enthusiasm in demos. If I missed someone please don't kill me, a thank goes to you as well! Thanx for Supporting Seismovision!!

[i]Hidden Seismovision Feature:[/i]
Seismovision v1.00 had a hidden dialog box (the only hidden thing ever in Seismovision). When typing the word 'slag' into the Quake 3 Arena path text box a message box appears. Just a phrase that I once read somewhere. Some might find it funny, other disgusting, I find it 'weird'. =)))))))

Good luck to nDc'Ph4ntom and Undead who will be represetning South-Africa in Korea and of course also good luck to all other players!! May the lag not be with you.

SoF 2 delay..

The Soldier of Fortune v1.02 AVA Update will be comming soon! I got some problems with my PC and I can only get it fixed next week or so because I have to study for my Grade 12 Final Examinations. Sorry, but school comes first at the moment.

Q3A v1.32 AVA Update!!

Quake 3 Arena v1.32 AVA Update Released!!!!

You will need Seismovision v2.10 or higher!!

Unknown Demo Type…

There seems to be a strange problem, when clicking on demos you sometimes get an error message saying "Unknown Demo Type…". I will have a deep look into my code and try to optimize it. Stay tuned…

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Sound Problem fix

Here is the sound solution for the RtCW sound problem (thanx to FonFon):

Replace the line "set normal "cl_freezedemo 0; timescale 1;echo ^2Normal; vstr normal2;"" with "set normal "cl_freezedemo 0; timescale 1; s_stop; echo ^2Normal; vstr normal2;"" in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein configs of Seismovision. This will also be in the next release of Seismovision.

The command "s_stop" resolves the sound problem.

First known bug…

First known bug in Seismovision v2.10:

When a Jedi Knight 2 demo end and the game quits, Seismovision gives an error. This was due to a spelling mistake (*** OomJan hits himself) in the file "v1.04_.AVA". Jedi Knight 2 v1.04 AVA Update (2) was released to fix this. All who intend playing Jedi Knight 2 demos should download the AVA Update.

Seismovision v2.10 Released!!

w00t!! Finally!!

Seismovision v2.10 released!! Check the download section.

Comming Soon…

[b]Seismovision v2.10 Comming soon your way.[/b] Many new features including the abilty to create demo play lists and the addition of Quake World (qwd), Soldier of Fortune 2 (dm_2003) and Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 (dm_15 and dm_16)!!!

New Web-Site Design

The Seismovision Home-Page Web-Site design has changed as you thanx to SoD|RogeR for his great work.<BR><BR>I'm sick at the moment but a release can be seen near the horizon already…