Seismovision is now 1 year old!

On the 25 October 2001 Seismovision v1.00 was first released. My very first server (free) was at Demand for the program was so "large" that closed my site. My next server was [url][/url] and [url][/url]. Shorty afterwards I got the nice web-host at [url][/url] and stayed there ever since.

I would first of all like to thank RogeR for giving me this incredible web-site and having alot of patience with me =). A thank you also goes to the BETA testers for giving me hell when something was not working and also all translaters that dedicated 2 hours of their lives into translating Seismovision. I big thanks to my clan mates .exe, bliXim and Black Eagle for their enthusiasm in demos. If I missed someone please don't kill me, a thank goes to you as well! Thanx for Supporting Seismovision!!

[i]Hidden Seismovision Feature:[/i]
Seismovision v1.00 had a hidden dialog box (the only hidden thing ever in Seismovision). When typing the word 'slag' into the Quake 3 Arena path text box a message box appears. Just a phrase that I once read somewhere. Some might find it funny, other disgusting, I find it 'weird'. =)))))))

Good luck to nDc'Ph4ntom and Undead who will be represetning South-Africa in Korea and of course also good luck to all other players!! May the lag not be with you.