Seismovision v2.23 Released

This is just a bug-fix release, if you are not having any problems then there is no need for you to update. Check below if it applies to you.

added: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (.dm_82) Full Version
fixed: Missing comctl32.ocx with DemoInfo
fixed: Splash screen icons not loading correctly when playing play lists directly.
added: Bulgarian translation (now 9 languages!!!)

This may be the Final Seismovision v2.xx version if no more bugs are found. Seismovision v3.xx BETA testing starts soon. Be sure to check the BETA section for more information.

Please note that I will dump my e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]. There is just too much spam. The seismo e-mail has got a nice spam filter. =]

PS> Happy b-day to point3ggs =D