Seismovision v2.25 Released

Version 2.25 of Seismovision is now available for download. Post all your questions and comments in <a href="">the forums</a>. What's new in this release:<BR>

<li>fixed: Some Quake World demos not playing (thanx to ]DoH[QuakE)
<li>fixed: Some Unreal Tournament and Tactial Ops demos not playing.
<li>fixed: Call of Duty demo controls being locked by game (Cheat protected).
<li>added: Loop feature for Unreal Tournament 2003 (thanx to Michael '_Lynx'
Sokolkov for the hint)
<li>added: Config restriction method B now also keeps file attributes during
<li>added: Protocol 43 for Quake 3 Arena (v1.11), demo controls do not work
for this demo type.
<li>added: Movie config for Call of Duty.
<li>added: Call of Duty v1.20 (dm_2) support.
<li>note: Call of Duty v1.20 AVA Update released.</li>