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The forum is currently offline and will hopefully be back online soon.

Seismovision 3 Downloads Fixed

For those that tried to download Seismovision 3 in the last 24hours and failed, the download link has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

Softpedia awarded the 100% CLEAN award for Seismovision 3 FULL and LITE. No SpyWare. No Adware. No Viruses. 'Softpedia guarantees that Seismovision 3.00 FULL is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. ' For more information: [url][/url]

General Web-Site Updates

I have updated the web site a little. We now have a download archive section [url=][/url] and I also updated some AVA updates (Quake 3 Arena v1.32c, Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.41b and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v2.60b) but these updates are optional and do not affect demo play at all.

Quake 4 v1.30 AVA Update

An AVA Update for the new Quake 4 v1.30 is now available. I recommend having Seismovision v3.01 BETA or higher installed for this update.

Seismovision v3.01 BETA Update available

A new BETA update version for Seismovision 3 is now available in the BETA section. Requires that Seismovision v3.00 LITE or FULL is installed. The main new feature in this update is the Quake 4 smart mod detection. This feature works with the AVA and automatically selects the correct mod based on the version and …

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Quake 4 v1.20 AVA + Tool Now Available

Finally the Quake 4 v1.20 AVA Update is here for all users. Supporting v1.04, v1.10 and v1.20 with .demo and .netdemo. As an extra a new tool for Quake 4 .netdemo’s has been added. This little tool can scan your Quake 4 demo and tell you what files are missing for demo playback. Making the …

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Call of Duty 2 v1.2 no update needed

There is no update needed for the latest Call of Duty 2 v1.2 patch. As there was no change in demo protocol, all versions are supported (v1.0 to v1.2). Seismovision 3 will say it has detected v1.00, this is normal.

Fixed Downloads and New Language

For the past couple of weeks there have been problems with the downloading of AVA Updates. All those problems have been resolved, I implemented a more efficient system for the download section. The first language Add-On pack is available on the Update System, adding Simplified-Chinese by Si ‘FiO’ Wei.

First Bug in Seismovision v3.00

We have found the first bug in Seismovision v3.00 where demos of America’s Army would not play at all. Thanx to Kasper (PL) for reporting this problem. Download the hotfix below: Seismovision v3.00 – America’s Army Hotfix