Quake 4 Q4Max Demo Compatibility

I got some reports that demos recorded in Quake 4 with an older Q4Max (v0.5a) version cannot be played back on the latest Q4Max (v0.71) version. This is because demo compatibility was broken. The only way I found, to play these older Q4Max demos is to have the old Q4Max installed. The following little tutorial describes how to install older mod versions for demo play back without loosing the ability to connect to the latest version servers.

This is a rough workaround for experienced users. Use at own risk. First of all we need to have the old and the new version of Q4Max (this also applies to other mods). The latest version should be installed as described by the mod in its default location (eg C:Quake 4q4max). Now the old version can be installed under a different name, ‘q4maxv0.5a’ (eg C:\Quake 4\q4maxv0.5a). Now both mods will show up in Quake 4 and in Seismovision. Never use the old version to play or try joining servers as its name is different. You cannot use this method to join older versioned servers. When playing back a demo recorded in the older version, select ‘q4maxv0.5a’ in Seismovision and it will play. If it does not, try the other version. Also make sure that auto-mod detection for Quake 4 net demos is disabled, otherwise this will not work. Any comments/problems to [email protected]

Call of Duty 2 v1.01 (Intel) was released. Seismovision 3 works fine with this version and no update is required.