New Seismovision 3 BETA and a happy New Year!

The new Seismovision 3 BETA is up for grab. This update is highly commended as it fixes an annoying problem where your game config would be overwritten by the Seismovision demo control and graphic config. This problem was common in Call of Duty 2 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This problem resulted in crashes during normal game play when pressing certain keys. Even after this update the changes to your config will persist. Rebind your keys on the Function keys, num keypad, arrow keys and Home, Page Up, Page Down, Insert and Delete or delete your config and start over. Users with autoexec’s where less affected.

A couple of games where added, America’s Army and some Steam games: Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Condition-Zero and Ricochet. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! I will be available again from 3 January 2006.