Seismovision v2.22 Released

Here is another release of the great demo viewing utility Seismovision 2. Primarily a bug-fix release.

Changes from v2.21
fixed: Faulty copying of demos on non-english systems causing errors like 'ERROR: CL_ParseGamestate: bad command byte'. The demo copy function now uses a byte array rather than a string buffer.
fixed: Pan left/right buttons in Soldier of Fortune 2 configs.
added: Tactical Ops Retail (thanx to MadOnion and [AZG]Draven) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Test (.dm_71)
added: Drag and Drop support fro play list editor.
change: New server address for Seismovision Update System. Thanx to RogeR from for the IP.
change: Demo Info v1.00!! Fully supports Quake 3 Arena (dm3, dm_48, dm_66, dm_67, dm_68) and can partially display information for Soldier of Fortune (dm_2003, dm_2004), Jedi Knight 2 (dm_15, dm_16), Return to Castle Wolfenstein (dm_57, dm_58, dm_59) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory MP Test (dm_71). Demo Info will also have the ability to create a detailed log of a demo. Very special thanx to Andrey '[SkulleR]' Nazarov for making this possible! =D