Rocket Arena 3

I got some reports that some older demos of Rocket Arena 3 (v1.5) do not work on the latest version of Rocket Arena (v1.65). Its not Seismovisions fault that it does not work. The mod broke demo compatability with its older demos. AVA would have to be implemented for this and a new demo detection method but these features will only be avaliable in Seismovision 3. Once I get the QUake 3 Arena demos for Seismovision 3 running, I'll make a BETA so you can actually play those old demos but it will still take some time.

Here is a workaround for the time being. We are going to install two copies of Rocket Arena 3. We need v1.5 and v1.65 (Hope you still have them otherwise you have to download them again). Install RA3 v1.5 to your Quake 3 Arena directory. Rename the 'arena' directory in your QUake 3 directory to 'arena_15'. Now install RA v1.65 into your Quake 3 directory and leave the directory name 'arena'. Now, when playing older demos, you just select 'arena_15' in Seismovision as default playing mod. This can also be set by right clicking on a demo and select the mod menu. The file responsible for the demo incompatability is 'vm.pk3'. This work for me. If you have any question mail me at [email protected].

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was been released by id Software. The download is 238mb so it will take me quite a while to download. Expect 1-2 months for this game to be added to Seismovision =C