Seismovision v3.01 BETA 2 Available

An all new BETA update is now available in the BETA section. Recommended update for all Steam users. See list of updates and changes below:

– added: New Games for Steam: Day of Defeat: Source (.dem), Half-Life Deathmatch: Source (.dem) and Opposing Force (.dem).
– added: New Steam game shutdown detection, manually closing down Seismovision is no longer required but option is still available.
– added: Call of Duty 2 non-standard .IWD file detection and temporary removal for demo play. On by default, can be disabled in dm_1 Options for Call of Duty 2.
– updated: Quake 3 Arena v1.32c, Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.41b and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v2.60b AVA files. Users of the LITE version may need to download the latest AVA Update for those games if you installed an AVA Update seperately.