Seismovision v2.21 Released

This is almost a pure bug fix release, if you don't have any problems Seismovision you do not need to download this update. Please e-mail me if more bugs/problems are found at [email][email protected][/email].

Changes from v2.20:
– fixed: Demos not playing on Counter-Strike Retail
– updated: Seismovision – Update System v1.10
– added: The Update System now states when it cannot reach the server.
– added: Size in megabytes is now displayed in the Update System when selecting downloads.
– fixed: A nasty bug that made the playing if demo impossible on certain systems
– added: Greek (thanx got greepLayer) and Spanish (thanx to [mostoles*arena]memphis) translation of Seismovision, now 8 languages!!!

I have started thinking about Seismovision 3, what new features would you like to have in Seismovision 3?

Here are my ideas:
– Config, mod, game, external program execution,… selection for EVERY demo type
– Simple demo control editor
– Multi-User support (using Windows Login)
– qwz and mvd demo support for Quake World
– sd3 demo support for Quake 3 Arena
– Use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for play list creation
– XP visual style for systems running WindowsXP with XP visual style enabled
– Your idea here??

Post your ideas at the official Seismovision forum: [url][/url] or mail them to [email][email protected][/email]