Seismovision v2.20 Released!

[b]Finally its here!![/b] Seismovision v2.20 has been released! Check above for the links.

[i]Changes from Seismovision v2.10:[/i]
added: Polish translation of seis.chm by Piotr 'PiT' Trochimczyk (great work!)
added: "Add to play list" right-click options for demos to add to play list or create a new play list if Seismovision is not open at the time
added: Quake 3 Arena v1.32 (*.dm_68) demo support
added: Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03 (*.dm_2004) support
added: Unreal Tournament 2003 (*.dem) support
added: Context Menu Shell Extensions (in other words, a fancy right click menu) making it possible to select mods and configs without opening Seismovision
added: Play list Editor to main menu
added: OSP democast support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (read 'Democast' under 'Notes' for more information)
added: CPMA democast support for Quake 3 Arena (read 'Democast' under 'Notes' for more information)
added: Version selection window for Soldier of Fortune 2 *.dm_2004 demos
added: "Execute Play list" to the demo play lists (*.dpl)
added: Game registration selection on install and under 'Advanced Options'. Now you can select the games you want to use with Seismovision (w00t)
added: OomJan's Movie Config (read 'OomJan's Movie Config' under 'Notes' for controls)
added: Right-Click popup menu to play list
change: DemoInfo now v0.90 with more player information
change: Timescale controls enhanced with more steps (left arrow decelerates, right arrow acelerates, up arrow normal speed, down arrow pauses)
tweak: Increased basic start-up speed for better play list creation
fixed: Solved sound problems in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein configs (thanx to FonFon)
fixed: Counter-Strike Retail demo play bug (Kevin Guilfoy)
fixed: Play list can now be bigger without getting a Cbuf_InsertText overflow, play list is split into multiple files
fixed: seis.chm (broken links and spelling mistakes) and F1 feature finally fixed
fixed: Some translation errors in Brazilian-Portuguese
fixed: Mods not showing up on PC's with an NTFS file system (thanx to Eric 'ss-elixir' Resurreccion)
fixed: Jedi Knight 2 AVA problem (where Seismovision was unable to go back to v1.04)
fixed: Wizard from popping up on some non-English operating systems on every start-up (thanx to Kolja Richlowski)
note: Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 v1.04 AVA (2) update released
note: Quake 3 Arena v1.32 AVA update released
note: Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03 AVA update released
note: Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.40 AVA update released