BETA section available

I put up a BETA section for the latest testing versions of Seismovision so you people don't have to wait so long to get a bug fixed. If you have a problem check out the BETA section whether your bug/problem has been assesed lately.

Seismovision v2.21 Released

This is almost a pure bug fix release, if you don't have any problems Seismovision you do not need to download this update. Please e-mail me if more bugs/problems are found at [email][email protected][/email].

Changes from v2.20:
– fixed: Demos not playing on Counter-Strike Retail
– updated: Seismovision – Update System v1.10
– added: The Update System now states when it cannot reach the server.
– added: Size in megabytes is now displayed in the Update System when selecting downloads.
– fixed: A nasty bug that made the playing if demo impossible on certain systems
– added: Greek (thanx got greepLayer) and Spanish (thanx to [mostoles*arena]memphis) translation of Seismovision, now 8 languages!!!

I have started thinking about Seismovision 3, what new features would you like to have in Seismovision 3?

Here are my ideas:
– Config, mod, game, external program execution,… selection for EVERY demo type
– Simple demo control editor
– Multi-User support (using Windows Login)
– qwz and mvd demo support for Quake World
– sd3 demo support for Quake 3 Arena
– Use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for play list creation
– XP visual style for systems running WindowsXP with XP visual style enabled
– Your idea here??

Post your ideas at the official Seismovision forum: [url][/url] or mail them to [email][email protected][/email]

Happy birthday to me!

Today I turn 19. As present I have received the Greek translation for Seismovision! It will be in the Seismovision v2.21 release soon. If anyone still has a bug of some sort, please complain!!!

First bug in Seismovision v2.20

The first bug has been discovered. Demos will not load on Counter-Strike Retail, saying it cannot find the demo. This bug will be assessed in the next update. Here is a work around for the problem: Go into the 'Data' directory of Seismovision and open the file '004_hl.sgd' in notepad (or other text editor). Find the fourth line which should look like this 'Game Base="valve"' and change it to 'Game Base="cstrike"'. People who don't use the Retail version should not do this.

Please report bugs if you find some, give suggestions or anything! Use the Forum or e-mail me ([email protected])

Seismovision v2.20 Released!

[b]Finally its here!![/b] Seismovision v2.20 has been released! Check above for the links.

[i]Changes from Seismovision v2.10:[/i]
added: Polish translation of seis.chm by Piotr 'PiT' Trochimczyk (great work!)
added: "Add to play list" right-click options for demos to add to play list or create a new play list if Seismovision is not open at the time
added: Quake 3 Arena v1.32 (*.dm_68) demo support
added: Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03 (*.dm_2004) support
added: Unreal Tournament 2003 (*.dem) support
added: Context Menu Shell Extensions (in other words, a fancy right click menu) making it possible to select mods and configs without opening Seismovision
added: Play list Editor to main menu
added: OSP democast support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (read 'Democast' under 'Notes' for more information)
added: CPMA democast support for Quake 3 Arena (read 'Democast' under 'Notes' for more information)
added: Version selection window for Soldier of Fortune 2 *.dm_2004 demos
added: "Execute Play list" to the demo play lists (*.dpl)
added: Game registration selection on install and under 'Advanced Options'. Now you can select the games you want to use with Seismovision (w00t)
added: OomJan's Movie Config (read 'OomJan's Movie Config' under 'Notes' for controls)
added: Right-Click popup menu to play list
change: DemoInfo now v0.90 with more player information
change: Timescale controls enhanced with more steps (left arrow decelerates, right arrow acelerates, up arrow normal speed, down arrow pauses)
tweak: Increased basic start-up speed for better play list creation
fixed: Solved sound problems in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein configs (thanx to FonFon)
fixed: Counter-Strike Retail demo play bug (Kevin Guilfoy)
fixed: Play list can now be bigger without getting a Cbuf_InsertText overflow, play list is split into multiple files
fixed: seis.chm (broken links and spelling mistakes) and F1 feature finally fixed
fixed: Some translation errors in Brazilian-Portuguese
fixed: Mods not showing up on PC's with an NTFS file system (thanx to Eric 'ss-elixir' Resurreccion)
fixed: Jedi Knight 2 AVA problem (where Seismovision was unable to go back to v1.04)
fixed: Wizard from popping up on some non-English operating systems on every start-up (thanx to Kolja Richlowski)
note: Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 v1.04 AVA (2) update released
note: Quake 3 Arena v1.32 AVA update released
note: Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03 AVA update released
note: Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.40 AVA update released

Soldier of Fortune v1.03

I finally got the Soldier of Fortune v1.03 patch. To my disappointment it cannot play demos recorded in v1.02 although they have the same demo extension as v1.03 (*.dm_2004) =( I'm working on the identification of v1.02 and v1.03 but this can still take some time as I have to analyse them on a hexademical level =P Any help would be appreciated on this matter.

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!!

See ya all next year!! Gutten rutsch ins neue Jahr!!

Unreal Tournament 2003 demo support:
I'm working on the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo support but I still have some problems using the command line to access a script to launch the demo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Seismovision v2.20 Delayed

I have to delay Seismovision v2.20 a bit because of problems that I still have to resolve.

The release shall be after new year some time. There is atill a problem with Context Menu Shell extension under WinXP and Quake 1 demo playing problems.

Seismovision v2.20 Comming soon!

The release of Seismovision v2.20 shall be before X-Mas. With new features like Context Menu Shell Extensions (fancy right-click menu), democast support for OSP and a demo screen saver. Heavy BETA testing is going on to get rid of all those nasty bugs. Please mail me if YOU have a problem so it can get fixed in this release.

There will be no AVA Update for Return to Castle Wolfenstein v1.41 as the latest patch does not concern the playing of demos.

RtCW v1.40 AVA Update Released!!!

With this update, Seismovision now supports *.dm_57 (v1.10), *.dm_58 (v1.31), *.dm_59 (v1.33) and *.dm_60 (v1.40) demos for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.