New translation!

Seismovision is now also in Bulgarian, thanks to Stoyan 'HaN' Krustev. =D

New Message Board

RogeR from has put up a new forum. Pity that the posts from the previous message could not be transferred.

Seismovision v2.23 BETA 0 is availble in the BETA section. Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has been added but not tested.


Can anyone please send me a file and directory listing of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Full Version, so I can already start adding the game. My download is comming slowly. =(

Installers Updated

Just redownload and all shall be well =P

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Installer bug!

I made a terrible mistake. But its quite easy to fix but yet annoying to do so.

Installing Seismovision v2.22 LIGHT/FULL:
Create the directories into which you want to install Seismovision v2.22 LIGHT/FULL manually. Create a file named 'seismovision.exe' in the directory. Now try to install into that directory where you created the 'seismovision.exe' file. The FULL and LIGHT versions are behaving like the UPDATE. The UPDATE only installs if it can find a 'seismovision.exe'. This is completely my mistake and I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I will upload a fixed version tonight.

Seismovision v2.22 Released

Here is another release of the great demo viewing utility Seismovision 2. Primarily a bug-fix release.

Changes from v2.21
fixed: Faulty copying of demos on non-english systems causing errors like 'ERROR: CL_ParseGamestate: bad command byte'. The demo copy function now uses a byte array rather than a string buffer.
fixed: Pan left/right buttons in Soldier of Fortune 2 configs.
added: Tactical Ops Retail (thanx to MadOnion and [AZG]Draven) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Test (.dm_71)
added: Drag and Drop support fro play list editor.
change: New server address for Seismovision Update System. Thanx to RogeR from for the IP.
change: Demo Info v1.00!! Fully supports Quake 3 Arena (dm3, dm_48, dm_66, dm_67, dm_68) and can partially display information for Soldier of Fortune (dm_2003, dm_2004), Jedi Knight 2 (dm_15, dm_16), Return to Castle Wolfenstein (dm_57, dm_58, dm_59) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory MP Test (dm_71). Demo Info will also have the ability to create a detailed log of a demo. Very special thanx to Andrey '[SkulleR]' Nazarov for making this possible! =D

Rocket Arena 3

I got some reports that some older demos of Rocket Arena 3 (v1.5) do not work on the latest version of Rocket Arena (v1.65). Its not Seismovisions fault that it does not work. The mod broke demo compatability with its older demos. AVA would have to be implemented for this and a new demo detection method but these features will only be avaliable in Seismovision 3. Once I get the QUake 3 Arena demos for Seismovision 3 running, I'll make a BETA so you can actually play those old demos but it will still take some time.

Here is a workaround for the time being. We are going to install two copies of Rocket Arena 3. We need v1.5 and v1.65 (Hope you still have them otherwise you have to download them again). Install RA3 v1.5 to your Quake 3 Arena directory. Rename the 'arena' directory in your QUake 3 directory to 'arena_15'. Now install RA v1.65 into your Quake 3 directory and leave the directory name 'arena'. Now, when playing older demos, you just select 'arena_15' in Seismovision as default playing mod. This can also be set by right clicking on a demo and select the mod menu. The file responsible for the demo incompatability is 'vm.pk3'. This work for me. If you have any question mail me at [email protected]

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was been released by id Software. The download is 238mb so it will take me quite a while to download. Expect 1-2 months for this game to be added to Seismovision =C

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Test

I just uploaded Seismovision v2.22 BETA 5 to test the new Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Test. Give it a try and mail me if it works or not. It should work but I just want to make sure before release.

How do you like my fancy menu on top of this page? =P

Work work

I had been very busy the last couple of weeks with other stuff than Seismovision. The Seismovision v2.22 release should not be far away now. With two new demo types: Tactical Ops (.dem) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Test (.dm_71). DemoInfo is now also finally useful! =P I only have to test Enemy Territory a bit and fix the Update System then we are set for release.

The work on Seismovision 3 is comming slowly. It cannot even play demos yet. Damn I suck! =P But it will have awesome new features such as automatic mod detection for Quake 3 Arena based games!!


I'm away from 22 April 2003 to 28 April 2003 and I won't be able to access the internet. Please be patient when sending an e-mail or when posting on the forum.